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Photographs and Memories...

August 2, 2017


“Photographs and memories

All the love you gave to me

Somehow it just can't be true

That's all I've left of you.”

~Jim Croce



When I began the journey of writing my book in 2015, I had no idea that it would end up being the story of the greatest man I've ever known, my dad. It all began with anecdotes and tales about my growing up years that I sent to a memoir editor. When I received her initial response about my work, I was devastated. She did say that my stories were charming, but that what I wrote really didn't qualify as a memoir. You see a memoir must center around a pivotal moment or event that changed the author's life. The editor asked, "Do you have such a moment?" I emailed her back, and sadly responded with a "No," thinking that my dream of writing a book had just burst into flames. After the initial disappointment sunk in, I looked through what I sent her and discovered that in all the stories about my family, I never once mentioned my father's death. Not once. This was crazy! I had thought about Dad every day since he died, and it seemed I missed him more as the years passed. Three days after I first heard from the editor, I emailed her back and said, "I have my story."


I must admit, writing this book was the hardest thing I've ever done. It was painful, and exhausting, yet extremely cathartic. My one goal was to be real, authentic, and transparent. During the writing process, I didn't read a single book. I found that when I started reading something, I began to question my worth as a writer, comparing my inexperience to that of seasoned authors. To say I was humbled is an understatement. Once I began the process, though, I found my voice, and hopefully, a style that is uniquely my own.


The last few months have been unbelievable and overwhelming. I want to thank everyone who has read the book, and shared it with others. My hope is that Mockingbird Moments will not only be a book that readers enjoy, but will also be a tool to help those who are grieving the loss of someone, whether it is through death or the loss of a relationship. I believe that within us all is the will to persevere and hopefully this book is a testimony to the triumph of the human spirit in overcoming the hardships that life dishes out. Thanks again for your encouragement, love, and support. My cup runneth over... 


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