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Mockingbird Moments

On October 20, 1992, life for one East Texas family changed forever. Following the devastating sudden death of her father, Sharon Brown Keith embarked on a journey of grief and healing, of acceptance and personal growth and transformation.

In this moving memoir about love, loss, and letting go, Keith shares her recollections about growing up and coming of age under the tender and steadfast guidance of her father and hero. Weaving humor and popular culture throughout her heartfelt story, she reminds us that our pasts make us who we are in the present and that we can indeed encourage something truly positive to emerge from our darkest moments.

Creek to Creek: The Life and Legacy of Charles Raymond Bright

Business leader, friend, preservationist, visionary, and humanitarian.

In the small East Texas town of Nacogdoches, Charles Bright created a lasting legacy through a lifetime of hard work, kindness, and integrity. Having never lived more than two miles from the house in which he was born,


Bright created a resounding impact on the poultry industry that reached around the globe while never forgetting those who collectively made up the community he called home throughout his life.


Explore his life of philanthropy and generosity and the example he set for those who looked up to him as he left a trail of good deeds in his wake wherever he roamed.

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A Southern Girl Re-Belles

Abigail Winchester is having one hell of a day. Crashing her car into the church's nativity and losing her best friend is bad enough. But then the assisted living center calls: Abigail's grandmother is being kicked out, and she’s listed as the next-of-kin.

Though they haven't spoken in over twenty-two years, Nana, the strong-willed matriarch of the Winchester clan, has plans for her wayward granddaughter.

But life in the Bible Belt isn't all therapists, swear jars, and teetotalers. Bo LeBlanc, the most eligible bachelor in the county, might lead Abigail to find the love and redemption she has been searching for.

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